Department of Chemistry


The Department of Chemistry, established in year 2018. The Chemistry Department serves the purpose of imparting knowledge in the core science subject, which is a foundational building block for most engineering disciplines. As such, high tech labs with the latest technological gizmos greet any students and faculty members of the college looking to strengthen their base in this subject. A team of extremely capable teachers and staff members keep the department running in full throttle. The Department offers both UG and PG level advanced courses. The Department is also offering a Ph. D. programme in different areas in Chemistry. There are four major specializations offered in M. Sc. such as Physical Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, and Organic Chemistry.

The objectives of the department are as follows:

  • To provide the best facility, infrastructure, and environment to students, and faculty members.
  • To develop Organizational skills, core competence and ethics in first-year engineering students, to grow as true professionals for achieving success in life.
  • To play the role of mentors to undergraduates through advising them in research.
  • To teach students the value of cross-disciplinary thinking by providing them with educational and research opportunities between chemistry and other fields of study.
  • To promote innovative curriculum development while exposing students to advanced instrumentation and technology.
  • To apply various instrumental methods to analyze the chemical compounds and to improve understanding of theoretical concepts.


To ensure that Chemistry is the international expert in providing excellence in education, initiating research and inspiring environment that ignites the young minds.


  • To maintain a department that gives equal importance in terms of our relevance ofteaching and research by creating an environment that promotes.
  • Independent thought, exchange of ideas and high ethical standards.
  • Development of innovative
  • Use of modern educational technology in lecture and lab. courses
  • Increased opportunities and greater participation by under-represented minorities.


The department runs two programs. At undergraduate level, it has a six-semester degree course comprising of Inorganic, Organic, Physical and Analytical Chemistry including laboratory classes related to allof the aforementioned branches. The postgraduate course structure is of four semesters with inorganic, organic and physical specializations. In Ph. D. programme, six-month course is compulsory with major areas of natural products chemistry and nanotechnology. Therefore, the objectives are to :

PEO1.Educate and train the graduate and postgraduate students in all the theoretical and experimental aspects of chemistry for their successful careers.

PEO2.Guide and expose the students for proper handling of the equipments.

PEO3.Generate critical, creative and scientific skills and encourage the students for innovations.

PEO4.Prepare the students for achieving their goals towards professional life with ethical values.


The purpose of teaching chemistry at various levels, from undergraduate to doctoral programs, is to create professionally qualified chemists who could look for better drug designing, drug delivery through nanomaterials, biologically active natural products, molecules with anticancer activity, innovation in solid waste management, and contributing to reduce environmental hazards.

PSO1Graduates must have the knowledge of fundamental concept in all branches of chemistry including analytical and nanotechnology.

PSO2Graduates will be able to use modern instrumentation and classical techniques to design experiments and chemical synthesis.

PSO3 Graduate will have the additional knowledge of working experience in the industries.


Programs outcomes are attributes of the graduate of the program that are indicating of the graduate ability and competence of work at science professional. The program outcomes also reveal the situation what students are expecting to know or able to do by the time of post-graduation. The students must relate to knowledge and skill which acquire during the program. After completing the Chemistry courses the graduate will be able to:-

PO1- Knowledge and skill: A graduate student should be able to demonstrate thorough knowledge of all areas of Chemistry, as well as a comprehension of both theoretical and applied knowledge. Students are capable of approaching their subjective issues carefully, independently, and conclusively. Additionally, the student will be proficient in managing cutting-edge instruments, new technologies, and chemistry-related software for chemical analysis, material characterization, and separation technology.

PO2- Skilled communicator: The course comprises of basic and advanced training in order to make the students capable of expressing and technical writing as well as through oral presentation.

PO3- Problem solver: Identify the chemistry problem and resolve them.

PO4- ESense Enquiry: The course also anticipated the foster and inquisitive nature of the students by proper questioning, planning, and reporting.

PO5- Team Leader: Ability to work independently as well as in group to implement the new scientific finding which will mitigate the society needs. Graduate have leadership quality which will really help them to excel their knowledge in the field of scientific community.

PO6- Skilled project manager:Graduate student to become a skilled project manager by acquiring knowledge about chemistry project management, writing planning, and pertaining to scientific project operation.

PO7- Digitally literate: A graduate students should be able to write the scientific finding, use of library search tools, e-books, journals, chemical simulation software and computational work.

PO8- Ethical Awareness: A graduate must have scientific ethics related to research and developments and also in writing the scientific finding,

PO9- Environmental Awareness: Course curriculum also anticipated to teach the students for the synthesis of compound using green route. The course also provide about the awarenesss of the waste management.

PO10- Perpetual Learning: Course also inculcate the graduates of continuous learning through the use of advanced ICT techniques, e-books, and e-journals for the academic as well as scientific growth.

PO11- Analytical Skill development: The course curriculum also anticipated for the graduate to become a skill learner for handling various analytical instruments to synthesize, characterize and analyse the chemical compound.

PO12- Job Opportunities:AS per the course curriculum the graduate can excel their career not only in the academic and research but also in the field of industries administrative works.


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