Department of Mathematics


Bachelors, Masters, and PhD in Mathematics at Radha Govind University, Ramgarh

The Mathematics Department at Radha Govind University, Ramgarh, Jharkhand offers a comprehensive program designed to cultivate the studentspassion for the world of numbers, logic, and patterns. We provide a stimulating learning environment that caters to students at various stages of their mathematical journey, from building a strong foundation to pushing the boundaries of knowledge.

  1. 1.Bachelor of Science (B Sc) in Mathematics:
    • This three-year undergraduate program provides a solid foundation in core mathematical concepts like calculus, algebra, geometry, and statistics.
    • Students can explore advanced topics like differential equations, linear algebra, and mathematical analysis, developing critical problem-solving and analytical skills.
    • Our curriculum equips you for diverse career paths in fields like finance, data analysis, computer science, education, and research.
  2. 2.Master of Science (M Sc) in Mathematics:
    • This two-year postgraduate program delves deeper into specific areas of mathematics, allowing you to specialize in a field that excites you.
    • We offer courses in various areas such as coding theory, fractal geometry, numerical analysis, graph theory, and more.
    • We offer courses in various areas such as coding theory, fractal geometry, numerical analysis, graph theory, and more.
  3. 3.Doctor of Philosophy (Ph D) in Mathematics:
    • This doctoral program is designed for highly motivated individuals who aspire to become leading researchers in the field of mathematics.
    • You'll conduct original research under the guidance of our esteemed faculty, contributing to the advancement of mathematical knowledge.
    • The program equips you for careers in research institutions, universities, or as a leading data scientist in cutting-edge industries.


To be one of the best Departments of Mathematics, and to develop socially responsible leaders, managers, and entrepreneurs to ensure a better future with a commitment towards innovation and excellence..


  • To prepare students with the basic concepts and skills by adopting application based innovative pedagogy.
  • To Evolve and establish an atmosphere of academic excellence ,research, and innovation valuable to students , faculty , and external stakeholders.
  • To promote self-employment through encouraging the students entrepreneurial orientation.


A graduate of Mathematics should be able to:

PEO1 : Understand and present sophisticated mathematical arguments and rigorous proofs

PEO2 : Comprehend high levels of abstraction in the study of pure mathematics as well as applied mathematics.

PEO3 : Comprehend high levels of abstraction in the study of pure mathematics as well as applied mathematics.

PEO4 : Elaborate the core topics of advanced mathematics which the Department considers appropriate to their B.Sc.(Hons.) Programme and use their mathematical knowledge to solve problems.


PSO1 : A student should be able to recall basic facts about mathematics and should be able to display knowledge of conventions such as notations , terminology etc.

PSO2 : Enabling students to develop a positive attitude towards mathematics as an interesting and valuable subject of study and should get adequate exposure to global and local concerns that explore them many aspects of mathematical sciences.

PSO3: Student is equipped with mathematical modeling ability, problem solving skills, creative talent and power of communication necessary for various kinds of employment.


On successful completion of the B.Sc. , students will be able to have:

PO1- KNOWLEDGE : Communicate mathematical ideas effectively and lucidly in writing as well as orally.

PO2- PERPETUAL LEARNING : Pursue research or careers in industry, mathematical sciences and allied fields.

PO3- SKILL : Acquire relevant knowledge and skills appropriate to professional activities and demonstrate the highest standards of ethical issues in mathematical sciences

PO4- ETHICAL VALUES : Become an enlightened citizen with a commitment to deliver one's responsibilities within the scope of bestowed rights and privileges.

PO5- PROBLEM SOLVER/ THINKER: Inculcate critical thinking to carry out scientific investigation objectively without being biased with preconceived notions.

PO6- DIGITAL LEARNER:Have sound knowledge of mathematical modelling, programming and computational techniques as required for employment in industry.

PO7- INQUISITIVE: Possess a strong foundation in core areas of Mathematics, both pure and applied.

PO8- THINKER : Think mathematically in a critical manner.

PO9- COMMUNICATOR:Communicate Mathematics accurately, precisely and effectively

PO10- AWARENESS: : Develop a range of generic skills helpful in employment, internships and social activities.

PO11- RESEARCH / INNOVATIVE : Undertake further studies in Mathematics and its allied areas on multiple disciplines concerned with Mathematics.

PO12- JOB OPPORTUNITIES: Students will become employable; they will be eligible for career opportunities in Industry, or will be able to opt for entrepreneurship.


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