Department of Civil Engineering


The Department of Civil Engineering in the Faculty of Engineering and Technology, has been constantly contributing to the cause of engineering education and training right since its inception in the year 2019. The Department offers art laboratories and computational facilities. The Department owns a rich library having over 1000 text books and reference materials. The department has a team of highly experienced faculty members with rich academic and industrial experience in various frontier engineering and technology areas. The faculty members and students of the department are dedicated to work in the current needs of the industry and have the ability to improve their expertise in the field in Civil Engineering. They continuously excel in specialized areas of Structural Analysis & Design, Structural Optimization, Concrete Technology, Steel Structures, Environmental Engineering, Construction Management, Transportation Engineering, Earthquake Engineering, Remote Sensing, Impact Assessment and Pre-stressed Concrete All the programmes in Engineering and Technology are approved by the UGC and the UG Course B.TECH (Civil Engineering) .


At the under graduate level, the Civil Engineering Department offers B. Tech. (Civil Engineering) duration - 4 year’s.


  • Shaping Sustainable Infrastructure: To be a leader in educating future civil engineers who design, build, and manage sustainable infrastructure that meets the needs of society while minimizing environmental impact.
  • Fostering Innovation and Resilience :To cultivate a culture of innovation and prepare graduates to address the evolving challenges of infrastructure development, including climate change, natural disasters, and technological advancements.
  • Building Equitable and Thriving Communities :To be a champion for creating equitable and thriving communities through the responsible planning, design, and construction of civil engineering projects that enhance the quality of life for all.


  • Educate the Next Generation :To equip students with a strong foundation in civil engineering principles, fostering critical thinking, problem-solving skills, and ethical conduct to become successful and well-rounded professionals
  • Advance the Field Through Research :To contribute to the advancement of civil engineering knowledge through impactful research that addresses real-world challenges and promotes sustainable practices.
  • Serve Society Through Collaboration :To actively engage with industry, government agencies, and communities to provide expertise and innovative solutions for infrastructure.


PEO1- Technical Mastery: Acquire expertise in material science and construction methods for proficient project execution

PEO2- Problem Solving: Develop adeptness in identifying and resolving complex engineering challenges.

PEO3- Continuous Learning Commit to ongoing professional development to adapt to evolving industry standards.

PEO4- Effective Communication Cultivate strong communication skills to collaborate seamlessly within teams and with stakeholders.


The Students will be able to

PSO1- Material Proficiency:Understand and select appropriate materials for construction projects.

PSO2 - Construction TechniquesApply advanced construction methods efficiently and safely.

PSO3- Quality Assurance Implement stringent quality control measures throughout construction processes.


PO1- Understanding of Materials: Demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of the properties, behaviour, and selection criteria of various construction materials.

PO2- Application of Construction Techniques:Apply appropriate construction techniques in the planning, design, and execution of civil engineering projects.

PO3- Analysis and Design Skills: Utilize analytical and design principles to assess structural components and systems, ensuring structural integrity and safety.

PO4- Laboratory Proficiency: Conduct experiments and tests in laboratory settings to evaluate material properties and behavior under different conditions.

PO5- Project Management: Apply project management principles to effectively plan, schedule, and execute construction projects within budgetary and time constraints.

PO6- Quality Control and Assurance: Implement quality control measures to ensure the compliance and performance of construction materials and processes.

PO7- Safety and Sustainability: Integrate safety and sustainability principles into construction practices, considering environmental impact and resource conservation

PO8- Communication Skills: Communicate technical information effectively through written reports, oral presentations, and graphical representations.

PO9- Teamwork and Collaboration: Collaborate efficiently within multidisciplinary teams to achieve project goals and objectives.

PO10- Professional Ethics: Adhere to ethical standards and professional codes of conduct in all aspects of engineering practice.

PO11- Continuous Learning: Engage in lifelong learning activities to stay updated with advancements in materials, construction techniques, and industry practices.

PO12- Regulatory Compliance: Ensure compliance with relevant codes, standards, and regulations governing construction activities.


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